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Congratulations Perry, you just killed a fine young pup. Although this scenario has no validity to it, including the names, you can count on the fact that’s it’s based on a million true stories. The moral of the story is what’s most important, Perry killed an immature 6 point that likely was 1-1/2 ~ 2-1/2 years old. The other part of the story is what really gets my goad, he passed on all the mature does just to kill a young buck. Relatively speaking, Perry was completely legal in this instance according to Oklahoma wildlife laws in addition to most other states laws. But shame on Perry for knocking a limb off the family tree before it was fully budded out. That said, there’s stipulations to the rules in my theory.

Say it’s Perry’s fourth year to hunt and he just flat out sucks as a hunter. Perry is 22 years old and likes to wear his wrestle mania t-shirt to the stand and probably smells like cheap cologne mixed with a little cigarette smoke for cover scent. Perry finally got lucky and killed his first ever buck that morning with his grandpa’s Springfield rifle.

Well in that case, good for Perry! We all knew he’d get the hang of it sooner or later. Perry was just about to give up all together when he got his lucky break. Now that Perry reached a mile stone, he’ll probably hunt for a heavier set of antlers the next season.


But that wasn’t the case. Perry is accomplished enough to be a good hunter, he’s just to impatient to be. So instead of filling his freezer with a tender doe, he pulled the trigger on a young buck and wiped out what could have been a great gene pool and the sire to a lot of fawns in future generations. Shame on Perry. What Perry didn’t know was there very likely could have been another buck standing just inside the timberline sporting a set of horns like something out of a horror movie. But we’ll likely never know because that big guy just received a Harvard education for free and slipped silently back into the mangroves. The worst part about all of it is that after Perry left the diner that morning, Jack Casey’s neighbor, Billy Thomas, came in and heard the news about the buck. His response?

” I sure wish he hadn’t done that. My little girl has passed on killing that same little buck a half dozen times this season waiting on a bigger one to come in to the feeder. Boys we ain’t never gonna grow these deer big around here if these neighbors don’t quit shooting everything that walks.”

Now look what you’ve done, Perry. You just broke the code and let down your fellow neighbors to boot.

So in conclusion, if you just want the meat, please help the population out and kill some does this year. If you want the horns, be patient until one steps out worth telling the boys at the diner about.

Billy Thomas was right when he said, “we’ll never grow them big if everyone keeps shooting them while they’re small.”



Don’t Be A Perry

“Good news boys, I filled the ‘ol buck tag last weekend over on Jack Casey’s place.”

Atta boy Perry! Y’all hear that? Ol’ Perry here knocked one down on the Casey place the other day! How big? And was he chasin’ any does when you seen him?

“Well he ain’t the biggest fish in the pond but he’ll fill the stringer if you know what I mean, Jim. I was sittin’ the ridge over behind Jack’s pond and saw him trot across the creek after some does and then hit a scrape on that east timberline. Dropped him right in his tracks with that 30-06 Springfield boys and I do mean aired him plumb out too by golly. He’s only got a little basket 6 between his ears but boy, he sure had a big body.”

​​​pistol fire